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Phenomenon of sick building syndrome SBSq as we know it.
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European Union and U.S.have adopted guidelines to comply with “best practice” to maintain the hygiene of ventilation systems.
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Over the last few years people have begun to focus their attention on negative environmental changes such as pollution with harmful gases of the atmosphere and the subsequent changes to the ozone layer. We've also been trying to reduce the content of Pesticides, Nitrates and other chemical substances in our food. There have been active attempts to prevent legislation allowing the wide use of GMOs, especially in the food industry. In short, people have doubled their effort in ensuring a healthier life-style for themselves and their chidlren. Yet we have omitted a very important issue, which requires specific knowledge, expertise and most of all understanding in order to be addressed. This is the issue of the air we breathe every day, whenever we find ourselves in a building. We spend about 90% of our time in various closed spaces such as offices and institutions, sports and cultural venues, schools, cinemas, shopping malls, hotels and hospitals. There is also the separate and very important matter of our health and safety in all public places, where food is served. The gathering of condensed grease on the outlet air-conditioning installations is a big factor for fire incidents as well as bad hygene in food preparation.

The Bulgarian Association of the Companies for Hygiene of Air-Conditioning Installations was founded on 22 January 2010 by individuals, united by their belief in the high value of clean air in closed spaces. Our main aims are: Gathering public focus on the matter of health consequences as a result of poor maintenance of air-conditioning systems; Establishing good practice in the installations' maintenance, as well as promoting the industry of the installations' health; Representation and lobbying in and with local authorities, Government institutions and International bodies; Active participation in the preparation of the relevant legislation in Bulgaria; Participation in the implementation of the European legislation and recommendations in Bulgaria.